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Automatically find duplicate or similar song files of different formats including MP3, WMA, OGG
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11 December 2009

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There are various kinds of people in this world with different interests, passions and hobbies. Some people are enthusiastic about music. Such people may collect a large database of songs overtime. This large database may become unorganized and complicated. This leads to duplication of songs eating away useful space on your PC’s hard disk. A same song with different names and different formats may be present at different locations in your PC. Duplicate Song Finder v.1.5 provides a simple solution to this problem.

Duplicate Song Finder by Bolide Software is a very handy utility when it comes to managing one`s digital music database in an organized manner. The overall layout of the software looks quite simplified, hence even those with the bare minimum computing skills should find it easy to use. It shows the duplicate songs in a big window pane along with all the details about the songs. After this, user can perform the required action, such as copying, moving or deleting the duplicate (repeated) files for which options are quite visibly located below the display box. One key aspect the product can boast off is the content based search it involves, rather than searching on the basis of the file names, size, date, format, tags etc. Thus same song with different names, formats, tags can be sorted out with the help of this software. After searching for duplicate songs, a user can eventually keep the one with the superior quality. This software helps by judging the quality parameters of the songs, thereby assisting in subsequent deletion.

To sum it all up, Duplicate Song Finder v.1.5 is a complete application which can facilitate its users to search, find an remove repeated songs from their collection, thus saving on hard disk space. Hence it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Duplicate Song Finder is a must-have tool for every music lover. Even if your
song collection is not large there are surely several duplicates in
there. Have you ever tried to find duplicate song files yourself? It is very hard, you are right. Duplicate Song Finder tool will do it for you. No matter what audio format your song files have, no matter they are
perhaps without tags. Duplicate Song Finder doesn't need tags or pay attention to
the format. It just listens to your songs like a human ear and
remembers your entire collection. Then the tool can quickly locate
similar and duplicate song files.
Assume you have the same album of your favourite band in MP3 and WMA
formats. The only tool that can help you to automatically locate these
duplicates is Duplicate Song Finder. The tool will suggest you what duplicate
is better to keep and what to remove according to their calculated
Duplicate Song Finder
Duplicate Song Finder
Version 1.5
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